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New Patient Exam                

Chiropractic Adjustment    $35

Hydromassage                      $1 per minute
(packages available)

Sports Physical                      $30

Occupational Health:

DOT Physical                                             

NON-DOT (Employee) Exam                  $80

FAA BasicMed Flight Physical                $80


Contact us to find out prices for hydromassage packages, kinesotaping, and other therapeutic services

Urine Drug Screen Collection Only      $20

Lab Based Urine Drug Screen     
(DOT and NON-DOT) 5 panel lab based                    $45
 10 panel lab based                                                        $65   
 Instant 10 panel                                                             $45

Breath Alcohol Testing                           $25


Price Disclaimer Notice:  The above are estimated charges provided to give patients an estimate of the prices and payments for the more commonly provided health care services at Aligned by Design Chiropractic.  This information is as estimate only and is in not a guarantee of the amount you will owe or what the charges for a service will be.  The estimates cannot and should not be relied on as the actual charges and/or payments you will be responsible for paying, as actual charges and/or payments may be either higher or lower than the estimates depending upon several factors - including, but not limited to, your healthcare provider's treatment choices, actual services rendered, heath care, or business needs.  

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