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Looking to be part of a Random Drug or Alcohol Program?  Call us to find out how.  Owner/operators must be part of a Consortium.  Let us help you stay compliant.  Available for DOT, NON-DOT, Stand-Alone Pools, and those looking for a Consortium.   

DOT drug tests  is a urine collection that requires laboratory testing (49 CFR Part 40 Subpart F) for the following five classes of drugs:

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Opiates – opium and codeine derivatives

  • Amphetamines and methamphetamines

  • Phencyclidine – PCP

NON- DOT Drug testing can be for a single drug or multiple.  It can be lab based or instant and can include things like hair, nails, saliva, and urine.


DOT requires breath or saliva for alcohol testing.  If positive, a confirmatory breath alcohol test must be performed.   

*FRA requires blood specimens as part of their Post-Accident testing

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